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Arranging negotiations.
Market entry consulting services.
Cooperation consulting services.
Consulting about the relocation of production sites.
Consulting about the setting up of joint ventures.
Foreign trade consulting.
Investment consulting services.
Comprehensive lobbying services.
Conducting market research, analytical and expert assessment, project assessment, etc.
The Representative Office offers standard service packages*.
The Basic Package
General information about the country where you plan to work.
Economic outline.
A product or service review in a country.
Information about 5-10 potential partners.
The result making a decision about the practicability of further market research.
The Silver Package
In addition to the basic package:
Market assessment.
An industry profile and preliminary recommendations on market entry.
General legal aspects (accounting, customs procedures, etc.) .
Information about 10-15 potential partners and preliminary talks to find out whether they are interested in cooperation.
The result understanding of the market and making a decision about the practicability of entering a market.
The Golden Package
In addition to the silver package:
A marketing analysis of a market.
A market entry strategy.
Holding preliminary negotiations and selecting potential business partners.
An analysis of marketing channels and defining priorities.
Arranging bilateral negotiations with potential partners.
Specific legal aspects (facilitating the registration of companies, maintenance of accounting records, customs clearance, etc.).
The result working out the market entry strategy, defining marketing channels, finding key partners/consumers on the market, registration of a company and the organization of its activities.
* The cost is adjusted depending on a market and a product or service.

** Travel costs are born by the client.

An Individual Package
It is drafted depending on specific needs of the client.
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