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Our Advantages

    The Representative Office, as a consultant and an independent agency dealing with the issues of fostering bilateral trade and economic relations, helps develop an optimal market entry strategy, choose reliable partners and step up cooperation between private companies and public or municipal agencies.

    We ensure effective communication between businesses and public agencies and help discuss and find solutions to problems.

    The Representative Office is the core that accumulates and establishes mutual interests of market players and provides maximum assistance to them. To achieve this, the Representative Office takes advantage of the huge potential of the system of the worlds chambers.

Our principles:
A profit as well as dynamic and progressive growth are necessary conditions for a successful business.
Working in line with the European requirements and applying rigorous standards.
We admit that the mutual benefit is a necessary condition for us and companies which trust us.
An increase in trade, services and industrial cooperation between the Balkan states and Ukraine.
Ensuring the efficient movement of capital and effective use of investments.
Fostering partnership relations between the state and private companies.
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